Thursday, September 26, 2019

4 Discussions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

4 Discussions - Essay Example The women were also allowed to read books, but they were restricted to read some books and avoid others. According to the ‘cult of domesticity’, women were given ‘separate but equal’ status. Like men, they were assigned some tasks to perform, but they were of different nature. Women were not allowed to choose their life partners and after their marriage, their lives were designed as per their family needs. Marriages meant chained status for women (Zinn). The cult of domesticity introduced women to their equal status in society that was quite different, but in fact, in this manner women became aware of their subordinate status in the society. They were not allowed to vote and to possess property. In addition, if they were required to work outside their homes, they received one fourth of the wages that men obtained. They were also restricted not to join certain professions such as law and medicine. Therefore, cult of domesticity was not a way of pacifying her with a doctrine of separate but equal, but to inform her about her restrictions and limitations according to which, she should lead her life. She was expected to lead her life as per the proper codes of conduct designed for her. She enjoyed little or no liberty and was to remain passive and submissive to patriarchal system of the society. For becoming a perfect woman, she was to acquire the qualities of submissiveness and domesticity (Zinn). The role of wife and mother in America as well as in other parts of the world still undergoes certain restrictions because there are certain norms and standards, according to which, a wife and a mother are required to act. Male members of out society have always kept certain expectations with women and their roles in the society. A woman is not accepted with everything, as she is required to bring changes in her personality

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