Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Literature Review about Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Instragram

About Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Instragram. SEO and PPC and Tools to do with Social Media - Literature review Example In general, the websites of the organisations are made up of either with the integration of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) (Distilled, 2012). Keeping with the changing trend in the current social media campaigns, the paper intends to critically discuss about the tools that can be used by WordPress website with social media campaign involving Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. According to the various studies and analytical research surveys, it has been critically recognised that there are fundamentally two types of tools used to develop an effective social media campaign of an organisation. According to Odden (2012), SEO and PPC are the major tools of an effective social media campaign. The tools have been widely accepted and implemented to streamline the promotional strategies of the organisations’ websites along with different products and/services offered by any particular organisations (Odden, 2012). According to Chaney (2009) the concept of SEO is simply defined as a bit of moving target, which involves number of influences on the websites of a particular organisation. The best practice of a SEO significantly incorporates a mix of attention towards the content, keywords, social signals and links associated with the organisational websites to be promoted by the use of social media networks (Chaney, 2009). Moreover, the study of Eid & Ward (200 9) also suggest that an effective practice of SEO also involves certain other crucial factors such as speed of the web page along with semantic mark-up and authority of the author. This process enables greater benefit to the organisations to maintain efficiency of the websites and also provides adequate support to promote range of organisational products/services to a wide number of global clients (Eid & Ward, 2009). In relation to the concept of PPC, the study of Distilled, (2012); Ellam (2004) have critically

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