Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Assignment B wk3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Assignment B wk3 - Essay Example It is biblically that God is a God of truth and His reverence must be in observance with that truth. To worship refers to demonstrate honor and respect to God, and at what moment in his physical presence, that denotes to prostrate oneself in a way in which one demonstrates his supremacy over oneself (MacArthur, 1983). Worshipping in truth is to show adoration to him in human nature through the actions. The concept of praising God in spirit and truth generates from Jesus’ discussion with the lady at the well in John 4. In the discussion, the lady was talk about places of worship with Jesus, claiming that the Samaritans worshipped at Mount Gerizim while the Jews prayed at Jerusalem. Jesus had just demonstrated that He understood about her numerous spouses, also the fact that the present man she stayed with was not her spouse (MacArthur, 1983). This made her uneasy, so she tried to sidetrack His attention from her private life to issues of religion. Jesus did not get distracted from His session on right worship and got to the core of the issue when he said that the hour was coming, and it was already time, when the true worshipers would adore God in truth and spirit, for God needs such to worship Him in John 4. The overall message concerning worshipping God in spirit and truth is that adoration of the Father is not to be restricted to a solitary geographical site or essentially controlled by the temporary requirements of bible law (MacArthur, 1983). With the presence of Christ, the severance between Gentile and Jew was no longer pertinent, nor was the site of worship as the temple. With the Christ, all of God’s believers gained equivalent admission to God through Jesus. Worship became an issue of the spirit, not outside actions, and bound for by reality rather than ceremonial. True worship ought to be in spirit that

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