Thursday, October 17, 2019

How will climate change affect National Grid(UK) and how they do PowerPoint Presentation

How will climate change affect National Grid(UK) and how they do business - PowerPoint Presentation Example On the other hand, it is suggested by Koomey et al. (1997, 1) that ‘the common perception among many policy makers and industry leaders is that the twin objectives of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting a more competitive economy are inherently contradictory’. Many efforts have been made by the states globally in order to create a mutually – accepted plan for the reduction of greenhouse emissions; however this plan has faced significant oppositions mostly because it is against of the interests of specific parts of the population within each country globally; gas emissions and pollution in general seem to serve the interests of a specific group of people who ignore the effect of increased industrial activity on a continuous basis and promote personal interests even if they are related with severe damages on climate worldwide. Current paper focuses on the activities of National Grid, ‘an international electricity and gas company and one of the larg est investor-owned energy companies in the world’ (corporate website) in terms of their relationship with the climate changes globally. More specifically, the effects of climate changes in the international context are being identified and evaluated trying to locate the relationship between the firm’s activities and the climate change as they can be observed in the firm’s daily operations specifically in Britain. Climate has changed dramatically in all regions around the world. One of the main reasons for this change has been considered to be the extremely high percentage of carbon dioxide released by industries, households and a wide range of other sources (e.g. automobiles, fires and so on). Regarding this issue, it has been found by Marland et al. (2007) that ‘since 1751 roughly 315 billion tons of carbon have been released to the atmosphere from

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