Sunday, October 6, 2019

Israli culture Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Israli culture - Term Paper Example his, the ticket officer says to the customer, â€Å"I suggest you to purchase a ticket for yourself and watch a movie while putting your children on a plane.† This is an example of a negotiation between an Israeli and an American. Israelis are creative and helpful in their negotiation, but they are often misunderstood and misinterpreted by the Americans. â€Å"The Israeli, who is often perceived as being arrogant, aggressive and pushy, is actually being direct and honest. And the American, European and Asian, who are seen by the Israeli as being artificial, phony and weak - are actually displaying politeness and respect† (â€Å"Tips for Doing†). Lack of understanding of the business culture of Israel can make the process of negotiation difficult and challenging between them and the Americans. While Israelis may be perceived as aggressive and straight-forward, Israelis think of such negotiation partners that think Israelis are being aggressive as impatient and ins incere (Salacuse). At the face, Israel has a low-context culture. Israelis cultivate unique ways of carrying out tasks. For example, they have distinct style of negotiation, their style of presentation is unique, they usually have very different expectations for meetings compared to others, and they develop relationships with their clients differently than people from other countries. â€Å"The unique cultural qualities found among Israelis can give a leading competitive edge if leveraged effectively, but if not understood, they can sabotage successful business results† (â€Å"Innovation & Investment†). The first and the foremost difference one should understand is between the negotiation style of the Israeli Arabs and the Jews. While the focus of the Jewish Israelis is short-term benefits, the Israeli Arabs have an emphasis on the long-term benefits (Winter). However, both Israeli Arabs and Jewish Israelis place value in long-term relationships and try to be in a win-win situation with their negotiation

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